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Hello, my name is Sara Lyn Carr. You can call me Sara, or Sara Lyn (I respond to both). I am not "from" anywhere in particular; to be honest I've lived all over (no, my family wasn't military or mafia). I consider myself a midwestern girl who fell in love with a Missouri man and drug him here to Tennessee.

Currently, we live in Spring Hill, TN with our two children and our old pup Cash.

A little background on me...I did the college thing for a while, (that's where I met the hubs), even acquired my degree; but my creativity led me to a life behind the chair, so here we are now.

When it comes to hair, my true passion lies in "lived in color". However, with that said...I do not shy away from a challenge, and I can do a mean head of foils any day. BUT, if we are talking passion, lasting lived-in custom colors are my specialty.

"But Sara, what the hell are lived-in colors"?! So glad you asked! Before we talk about the beauty that lived in colors have evolved to today, we have to talk about where they started, and in my opinion it all started with the ombre. You remember the ombre right? A melt from dark to light (or in the case of the reverse ombre, light to dark ((ew no)). From there, came the "sombre" which started to soften the look, and introduce the lightness around the face; sun-kissed if you will. Balayage of course is a technique used to achieve my beloved lived in look, but there are many ways to achieve this particular hair goal. 

Everyone's hair is so different, and therefore should be customized to its specific needs.

Now, to get to your hair goal can be a journey. I like to call them "evolving looks". Lived in color is very much like wine, it gets better with age. Each time we customize your color, it builds off the previous visit and eventually we achieve your custom look! Sometimes that happens in the first visit...and sometimes it can take a few sessions. Not every guest has "virgin hair", (meaning never before colored). We have to take into consideration where we are starting from when we talk about your hair goals. That being said, come one, come all; Brunettes, blondes, and all those in between!

I love helping my guests embrace hair that compliments their skin tone and melting that into a lived in color that lasts! With my help and guidance I hope to give you the hair you were always meant to have.

See you soon!

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4107 Mallory Ln Suite 134, Franklin, TN 37067, USA

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