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@thetightlinemethod for my ladies who want to insta-stalk the method (I don't blame you).

There are so many great aspects about this amazing method. With The Tightline Method, I have the ability to add length, volume, density, as well as color to your hair. Due to the fact that this service is so customizable, price can vary drastically based on your individual goals. I must insist that any interested parties contact me directly to set up a in person consultation.

While I can understand and appreciate that guests have questions regarding pricing and color matching, as mentioned above, there's just only so much I can confidently answer without being face-to-face. However, I know extensions are not for everyone and that sometimes (in those cases) it is beneficial for all be given general information to see if a consultation is for you.


Color match consultations are requried for extension guests. Allow 45 minutes-1 hour for your extension consultation.

During your consultation we will discuss your hair goals, habits, routine, beauty budget, expectations, as well as my recommendations. We will also cover any questions you may have and I will use this time to inform you of the maintenance that hand-tied extensions require.

If we decide to move forward, a deposit is required to order your custom hair extensions and book your installation reservation. 

**Note- there is a $40 fee to book extension consultations.


Extension guests, a 50% (non-refundable) deposit is required to order your custom hair extensions and to book your installation reservation.

The deposit amount will be based on the color, length, and quantity of your hair quoted during your color match consultation.

Of course, the deposit will be applied to your final ticket the day of your extension install.

I offer an extension hair-care kit that best sets my extension guests up for success with their home care routine. I highly suggest any of my extension guests pre-pay for their kit at the conclusion of their color match consultation. This will ensure your kit is ready to take home the day of your install.


"How much does it cost?"

  • In order to give you a closer approximate quote + color match I must meet you face-to-face. However, I can tell you for a new set installation the price range depending on your ultimate hair goals is $500-$3,000. There are just too many factors that go in to the estimate that are too difficult to determine over text, or IG. We have to consider how many rows we are doing, what the color match will be, the length of the hair, and how many wefts per row we will need.

  • With The Tightline Method, your hand-tied hair wefts are sewn on to a braid of your natural hair. As your hair grows, so does the braid, and for many reasons it is imperative to have your rows tightened every 6-9 weeks. Tightens are $85 per row.

"What is the maintenance like?"

  • Row tightens are recommended every 6-9 weeks. $85 per row (pricing will be raised early 2022).

  • Shampooing your pretty new rows will add a little extra time to your shower experience.

  • Blow-drying your lovely new locks will also add a little more time to your routine. More hair=more hair to blowdry.

"How long does the extension hair last?"

  • That solely depends on how the hair is cared for. The goal is for your extension hair to last you up to 12 months. However, it all depends on how often it is washed, how much heat is put on the hair, and if you are using the recommended products to keep the hair hydrated.

"What does it feel like?"

  • While I myself have not had extensions, I did have the braids put in to my hair during my certifications. While my hair was being braided I could feel comfortable tension in the area she was braiding, once the braid was completed I put my hat on, finished my day class and forgot about it until later that night.

  • With the addition of your new hair sewn on to your braids you can expect tightness the first 1-3 days. This is new, and different for you. You will get used to it.

"Can I still color my hair?"

  • Of course! If you have a regular preferred colorist we can coordinate your tightens around your color appointments, or, if you are looking to have your hair colored with me during your tightening appointments I am a Redken Certified Colorist and would be happy to help you with your color as well.

"Does my hair need to be clean or dirty for my install appointment"

  • Dirty-ish please! Hair that isn't squeaky clean is easier to grip, and therefore make for cleaner braids for your rows. HOWEVER, please don't arrive with hair that is so greasy it seems wet. For installs only, I will set your rows, shampoo your hair, blow dry your hair and sew in your wefts.

"What about my tighten (move up) reservations, clean or dirty?"

  • If we are not making a row adjustment, clean hair is fine. However, you are welcome to come with dirty hair too, but again...not nasty dirty.

NOTE: the tighten appointments do not include a shampoo style. If you would like your hair shampooed and blown dry at your tightening appointments it will be an additional $60. To add waves or curling it is an additional $15.


For guests who've always dreamed of having dreads but don't want to damage or deal with dreading your natural hair, this method is FOR YOU!

Full Head Install (45-60 dreads) : $200 

Partial Install (10-30 dreads) : $85

Peek-a-boo Install (5-10 dreads) : $50

*NOTE: prices listed above do not include cost of dread. Price of dreads will be based on client hair color and quantity of dreads. 


"How are they made?"

  • They are individually made by hand but the creator and her husband. The design technique assures the dreads are soft, smooth, light weight, and freely movable.

"Do they have to be cut out?"

  • Absolutely not! These are simply braided into your hair, and secured with a clear or black elastic. If you wish to remove simply take out the elastic, remove the braid, and BOOM your natural hair is back!

"Will they damage my hair?"

  • Much like the Tightline method I support, installing these synthetic dreads by way of braid is very protective to your natural locks. In fact, they have helped many ladies hair grow. The creator of the dreads says her hair never used to grow past her shoulders, and after three years of dreads her natural hair is to her waist and is extremely healthy! 

"Are they reusable?"

  • YES! The creator has worn her set since 2016!! 

"How long can I keep them in?"

  • Again, similarly to the Tightline method I recommend 6-8 weeks depending on your rate of growth. 

"Are they heavy?"

  • A full set of dreadlocks weighs less than 1LBS. The creator of the dreads has a very weak neck from a previous car accident and she doesn’t notice the weight until she takes them out. 

"Can you color them?"

  • No, but thankfully there are many many colors available to order.

"Can you wash them?"

  • Yes! Please! You can use any kind of shampoo, just stay away from conditioners as they can cause build up making it very difficult to brush through your hair when removing them. The creator washes her once per week, but you are welcome to shampoo as often as you’d like. 

"Can you swim with them?"

  • Yes! Get your dip on!

Interested in next steps?

Follow the link below to complete the questionnaire.

Once completed I will be in touch on how to move forward. 

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