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Thank you for showing interest in Canvas Hair Boutique, my work, and me!

PLEASE NOTE, at this time my schedule can not accommodate "cut only" or "base/root touch up only" guests. 

I pride myself on educating my guests. I have worked in salons in the past where it feels like a revolving door and that is just not my style. 

Teaching my guests what color, cut, products, and tools help them achieve their hair goals brings me such joy. I want you to feel just as confident at home styling your hair as I do when you are in my chair. 

While it might seem like overkill, I do require an in person consultations for both color and extensions requests. Color consultations help us to learn about each other, see if we are a good fit, and discuss your hair needs. Extension consultations are required because in order for me to order your lovely locks I have to color match you. Plus, it is important to me that my guests have a full understanding of what their responsibilities are at home to care for their extensions. 

I do charge a small fee for both consultations ($20 for color, $40 for extensions), which is required to book the consultation. The fee is not applied to your final ticket.

We discuss your hair and habits at length, I make recommendations for your maintenance schedule, and if we decide to move forward we set a date for your appointment. 

If you are interested in setting up a consultation please follow the link below to your new guest questionnaire. Once the form has been completed I will review and reach out. 

While awaiting review and reply of your inquiry please note that I am a solo artist who is an owner, receptionst, assistant, and stylist all rolled in to one. I try to review forms every couple of days but at the very least I review them once per week. Keep an eye on your email for a message from with the subject line "hair inquiry". Please make sure to either add my email to your contacts or keep an eye on your spam/junk mail. I will be in touch as soon as possible. 

Thank you again for your interest!

-Sara Lyn

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